Arranging A Hen’s Party



Planning a proper hen’s party requires lot of attention to minute details -from managing the guests to being on top of the entire party things that are meant to happen. Though it could seem as an easy task at the outset, but each party will be different, and if the basic steps are followed, it will create a great and successful hen party. Planning the day one month earlier gives the time for the bride-to-be and her maids to get ready for the event. View more by checking out

It is always advisable to keep the party to a minimum of two hours and the place does not require too much of travelling time and ensure that the guests have good time to interact and understanding the main audience helps to plan the activities. Prepare a chart of the activities that is supposed to be planned for the event and ensure that it is not jam-packed. People ideally prefer relaxed and fun-filled activities so that they could enjoy the event.

Generally, male waiters are hired in a hen’s party as bucks party ideas are hired in a bucks’ night.It is very essential to set a proper budget that does not bite the wedding party. In most cases, all the invited guests chip in some amount which could be equally shared between all of them. It is advisable to set the budget at the earliest, as you would have a better chance of getting the money collected from all the guests. Understanding the audience and planning an activity that would suit all types of groups would make it a grand success. For example, young girls will really like bucks night in Perth while some presence of guardians or senior relatives may need something different.

Most brides like to have a different party and their tastes differ. Some would like to party hard whereas some would like to have a late dinner with her friends. So, it is always better to question the bride on her likes and dislikes to ensure that she does not have too many surprises that she may hate later. Most of these hen parties should be an unforgettable experience for the bride and not embarrass her.

It is also essential to be little flexible with the party, as the ladies that come for the party would range from young mums, pregnant friends and so on. So, it would be nice if there are couples of options present apart from the main plan. It is also necessary to be transparent with the budget allocation, as people would be interested in knowing on what are the spending costs that has happened in the party.