The Strip Club Etiquette You Should Follow

Strip clubs are havens for wearied men, and you can count on the strippers to make you feel relaxed. In order to put down your burdens and stresses, a number of shots while having someone entertain is certainly the way to go, but if you do not want to get far more stressed and incur the wrath of the club bouncer, it is in your best interests to follow the basic etiquette that any strip club expects of you:

  • Look, but do not touch – to start with, there is a clear rule that keeps female strippers from becoming prostitutes. This is the rule that forbids you from touching or making unwanted advances on any of the strippers. As you would understand, this is not a matter of consent, but a matter of club regulations. Even if the stripper might not seem averse to being touched, you should first understand that the power balance puts her in an unfair position to reject advances. This is why you have bouncers and other male attendants at the clubs. Any strip club will provide you with lap dances and other forms of entertainments which may seem hard to resist, but at all times, refrain from touching, kissing, groping, licking, etc. The skilled stripper may touch you, but you should not.
  • Tip generously – it may be the topless waitress Newcastle that grace you with a lap dance for your order, or it may be the strippers that dance a difficult tune on the pole. Whatever additional service you are provided with, it is gentlemanly – and basic decency as well – to tip your entertainers for any extra efforts they take to ensure you are happy with the service. It is not easy to service so many customers in one night, and just because you have paid for the food or to see the dance, does not mean you cannot tip the female attendants.
  • Refrain from taking photos or videos – this is another basic rule that most customers fail to understand. The common argument to this is that the female entertainers have agreed to display their bodies at these entertainment facilities – and by the extension of that logic, you should be free to record them or to take photos. Well, this logic is completely wrong. Whilst the strippers have agreed to let you see them, they have not agreed to have their photos taken. It is common sense to ask a stripper if you wish to take a photo with her (and this is acceptable), but refrain from taking photos or videos of her performance.